BPM platform
for sales management

Business means Sales
Sales mean Technology
Technology means Processes
Challenges faced by Sales Departments with out a process-based approach
Sales reps do anything but negotiations
  • Sales reps waste time on handling the system instead of conducting negotiations
  • Slow on-boarding of new joiners. Successful sales in the first month are a chance event rather than business as usual
  • Sales reps tend to choose easy wins instead of top-priority customers
Inconsistent sale practices. No effective standard procedures
  • Few customer touchpoint
  • No in-house best practice sharing
  • Head of Sales has to correct errors made by sales reps
Team managements based on intuition rather than on figures
  • Analytics is in place but it is not adding value to business
  • No understanding of pipeline stages that kill conversion rates
  • No possibility to test different hypotheses and quantify their results
Sensei offers a solution
Sensei is a platform to build standard business processes.With our tools, you can design and automate each stepof your customer management lifecycle.
Customer touchpoints per day

With this standard business process, sales reps do not need to take decisions – the process sets out an order-to-cash cycle for them.

  • Build clear process flowcharts on a user-friendly visual board.
  • Add tasks, change conditions and dates, set autofill parameters and edit formulas in the constructor.
  • Get access to 100+ ready-to-use business processes and implement them in two clicks.
Sales activities per day
Sensei Workplaces

A tool to arrange staff activities based on a pre-defined priority framework. Sales reps no longer choose a customer – the system assigns customers depending on their priority.

  • The Head of Sales sets priorities, types of tasks for each particular employee, time intervals and exact deadlines.
  • New tasks and messages from chats are automatically added to work based on priorities.
  • When a sales rep strays from the process, the system automatically notifies the Head of Sales.
Conversion growgth*
Branch Analytics

The tool provides analytics for each process branch to find and eliminate process errors and bottlenecks.

  • Run A/B testing to identify the best conversion option.
  • Track time spent on each element and monitor task performance by process
  • Analyse employee workload to ensure proper task allocation
$600 / month
up to 24 users
  • BPMN-editor
  • Branch Analytics
  • Dynamic Segments
  • Sensei Adviser
  • JS-robots
from $750 / month
from 25 to 49 users
$30 per eachadditional license

Mini +

  • Chats and UserPM
  • Workplaces
  • Splitter
custom pricing
from 50 users
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Base +

  • Private Cloud
  • Versioning
  • LinkShare