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YouMessages - integration of WhatsApp Business
with Kommo

Increase the efficiency of your communications with YouMessages integration with the official WhatsApp Business API provider Gupshup - the ideal solution for Kommo
Works without the risk of
powered by WhatsApp Business API
Write to clients first
any messages
without templates
communication with clients
using chatbots
Connect your number
in 10 minutes
without company moderation
Increase your NPS with our
Whatsapp Business c
Kommo integration - YouMessages
Integration options
Possibility to write first
Possibility to write first
Be the first to communicate with customers using YouMessages chat and Kommo lead card. Make contact first and maintain active interaction.
Connecting multiple numbers
Connecting multiple numbers
Connect multiple Whatsapp accounts. Create your own source for each channel in Kommo. You can set up your own funnel for each source. The source can be added to the CRM Plugin that appears on your site.
Message templates
Message templates
Create templates using Emoji and CRM entity variables. Attach files to the template. Add quick reply buttons to messages and mailings.
Convenient file sending
Convenient file sending
Integration allows you to send audio, video and documents for more informative communication with customers.
Chat inside Kommo
Chat inside Kommo
Communicate with clients directly from the deal card or chat in the Kommo interface. Set up chat access for managers, allow them to see only their own conversations, and give administrators the ability to view all conversations.
Work with Salesbot through integration, and also connect the widget to Salesbot to select the communication channel and message recipient. This is a convenient tool for automating communications with clients.
Digital Pipeline
Digital Pipeline
Integration works in the digital funnel. When sending a message, you can choose whether to send a text message or a file, send to contacts, the main contact responsible for the transaction, or to a custom number.
Own bot designer
Own bot designer
Build complex bots using your own builder, similar to salesbot Kommo. Thanks to the survey before filling out the fields and tags in the Kommo lead card, the bot works faster and more stable. This reduces wait time for customers, increases their loyalty and increases the likelihood of successful transaction closure.
Set up an account WhatsApp Business on Gupshup
Register for youmessages.com
In the “Integrations” section, find “youmessages”and install “WhatsApp by YouMessages”
Follow the installation instructions specified in the integration description
Connect your account WhatsApp Business to Kommo for effective use
Integration cost
$30 per month
*Incoming and outgoing dialogues are paid separately
Calculate WhatsApp Business messaging costs

The WhatsApp Business API Calculator is a useful tool for businesses to estimate the cost of using WhatsApp for their communication. Businesses can find out how much it will cost by entering the number of conversations they intend to send, and receive. Try it now!

What is conversation?

When businesses use the WhatsApp API, they are charged based on the number of conversations they have with their customers. The conversation starts when you send a message, and the session lasts 24 hours. Any messages sent during this 24 hour period are part of the same conversation. If a message is sent more than 24 hours after the first message, a new conversation will begin and will be charged accordingly.

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Prices shown are subject to change by Meta. Please visit the meta page for the latest price updates.
your WhatsApp
Country or region
Countries not mentioned in the list are classified as «other» countries and are subject to the same fees.
Any conversation initiated by the user, for example to resolve a customer request.
$0.0316 / 24 hours
Business conversations to promote a product or service to customers, such as relevant offers to customers who have accepted. Any business conversation that does not qualify as authentication or utility conversation also falls under this category.
$0.0618 / 24 hours
Alerts, reminders, questions for clients
Business communications related to the transaction, including post-purchase notifications and periodic billing statements for customers who have opted in.
$0.0408 / 24 hours
One-time passwords
Business-initiated conversations that allow companies to authenticate users using one-time passcodes at multiple stages of the login process, such as account registration, account recovery, and integrity verification.
$0.0367 / 24 hours
Gupshup Post Fee
Includes all messages in a conversation.
Information on prices for sending messages. gupshup
Any questions?
Contact our technical support, and our specialists will be happy to help you connect and configure for effective use of WhatsApp in your business