Distribution of leads in Kommo by employee workload

Smart distribution

Integration allows you to automatically distribute leads between managers, while managers themselves take leads as they are loaded.
102 $ in 7 months
7 days
Test period
7 days
Test period
102 $ in 7 months
We install the integration and fill in the required fields “Email” and “Phone” and click save. After installation, we check authorization. In case of problems with the integration working, we also check the authorization; if it is missing, go to the integration page https://amoguru.com/widgets/view?id=9 and click “Install integration”.
Authorization check
We look at the availability of issued accesses in the "Authorization" tab
"Get Lead" button
Additionally, for the specified employees selected in the settings, you can display the “Get Lead” button. By clicking on which, an employee can receive a lead available for acceptance. In addition, it displays the available number of leads.
Settings in triggers
After installing the integration, go to the Kommo triggers settings, select the status in which the integration should work. Next, in the modal window, enter “amoguru” and select “Smart distribution by AMOGURU”.
Setting up distribution
If necessary, we select the stage to which leads will go after acceptance. We indicate the acceptance timer - the time that will be allotted to the employee to accept the lead and the users for whom the lead acceptance modal window will be shown. Additionally, you can display the lead field in the acceptance modal window.
Additional settings
The ability to specify working days and times, change the person responsible for the main contact, company, lead tasks and main contact tasks. Show the lead again if none of the employees took it.
Video instruction
Video about the main features of the widget and its settings.
Pay period
Integration price:
102 $
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